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CNC Medical is well aware of the different needs of people. That is why CNC Medical has access to Scooters that will fit any need that may arise. From travel friendly scooters that are great indoors, to heavy-duty off-road scooters for mainly outdoor use, CNC is your stop. Call our scooter specialist toll free with any questions. It's like being at your very own scooter store and more!

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Pride Go-Go Travel Vehicle
Turning Radius32"
Per-charge rangeUp to 10 miles
Weight capacity250 lbs.
Our Pricecall for price
Invacare Zoom -3
Turning Radius29"
Per-charge range10 - 15 miles
Weight capacity250 lbs.
Our Pricecall for price
Pride Victory
Turning Radius29"
Per-charge range20-25 miles
Weight capacity300 lbs.
Our Pricecall for price

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